Albion Saddles: Number One in Performance and Comfort

The Albion Saddlemakers has been a world recognized brand in saddler for over twenty five years. Albion is one of the largest saddle manufacturers in the world and was declared one of the UK’s leading saddle exporters in 2003.

Each Albion Saddle is made from full grain leather. A saddle is an investment and you want it to be crafted from leather that is going to last a lifetime while also maintaining its elegant look and beauty. Many of the world’s top professional riders choose an Albion saddle when looking for a quality saddle. Albion features an extensive line of saddles for general purpose, jumping, cross country and dressage.

The Albion K2 Jumping saddle is a close contact saddle that also offers a deep, traditional English seat. This provides you with security in the saddle, but also freedom for movement while jumping. Additionally, the saddle features thigh and knee blocks for support, no matter what style jumping you are doing. This Albion saddle is designed for both comfort and support for horse and rider. The K2 is one of the best selling Albion saddles.

For general everyday riding and hacking, Albion saddles offer several general purpose products. These saddles are suitable for all English riding disciplines and provide a deep and comfortable seat. For cross country, Albion provides a saddle with ultimate contact that removes pressure from the horse’s loins and shoulder. This eliminates saddle movement and provides both horse and rider with amazing comfort as well as stability. Albion’s dressage saddles are second to none. These saddles are designed to fit both horse and rider flawlessly and are ideal for all riders at any level of competition.

Albion is constantly researching and working with experienced riders to create a perfect product for both horse and rider. They believe that the “science of feel” is what produces superior results and they work to provide the best feel possible, so you can have the best ride possible. Whether you are a novice or professional, you will find that the Albion saddle is not only a superior saddle, but an affordable saddle as well.

When shopping for Albion saddles, consider as your online source in Northern Ireland. The site features a wide range of saddle options for riders of all disciplines and levels. No matter what your riding needs are, has both horse and rider covered.