Stubben Bridle: Style, Class and Tradition

Stubben has long been revered as one of the best leather riding products you can buy. Whether you simply enjoy a quiet hack in the countryside or compete in the show ring, you can’t go wrong with the quality craftsmanship and style of a Stubben bridle.

There are various options available in bridles from Stubben. The Stubben 1600 Raised Snaffle Bridle, for instance, is a classic. It is perfect for your small horses or your large horses featuring a ˝” cheek. You also have several noseband options whether you prefer the regular, combined (flash) or a drop caveson. The bridle is also available in all of the classic colors of black, ebony, honey or Havana.

The Stubben 1001 Bridle is an excellent choice for schooling or show. Complete with rubber reins, this Stubben bridle is also excellent for the horse with larger features. The bridle features a wide crown, browband and noseband. The bridle is available in padded or unpadded.

The Stubben 3000 Lined Snaffle Bridle comes in a wide array of options and color combinations. This beautiful bridle is available in black on black, black/Bordeaux, black/gray, black/white, ebony/green, ebony on ebony and Havana on Havana. You also have the option to use a flash or dropped caveson. The headstall of this Stubben bridle is very easy to adjust with just one cheek buckle.

When you’re looking for quality leather goods, you simply cannot go wrong with Stubben. Stubben has been a family business since 1894 and has survived two world wars as well as various other economic events. The company eventually grew to an international scale causing Stubben to become one of the leading companies in the equine tack industry. From Stubben bridles to saddles, you simply cannot go wrong with a company that has been creating quality leather products out of the same workshop in Krefeld. and Annaghmore Saddlery is your provider of fine Stubben bridles and saddlery in Northern Ireland. Annaghmore Saddlery was established in 1981 in Armagh. The company is a family owned and operated business and has been catering to the equestrian and equine industry for over twenty five years. With over five and a half thousand square feet of retail space and a large online inventory, you’ll find everything you need for riding, showing and caring for your horses. Plus, there’s an extensive selection of apparel and footwear for riders as well.