A Wintec Saddle: True Innovation in Saddlery

Come rain or shine, a Wintec saddle always provides a comfortable and pleasurable ride. The Wintec saddle is considered the world’s number one synthetic saddle. Whether you ride English, Western or endurance, Wintec has a saddle for you.

A Wintec saddle offers many features that you won’t find in a traditional leather saddle. Horses come in a variety of shapes and sizes and that means that leather saddles are not one size fits all. This also means that if you ride more than one horse, then you will often need a saddle for each individual horse.

Wintec features two innovative systems to make it easy to own one saddle regardless of how many horses you have. The Easy-Change Gullet System allows you the ability to adjust your saddle for a horse that requires a narrow gullet or for a horse that requires a wider gullet. The system includes an Easy-measure gullet gauge that allows you to determine which gullet size you need. You then quickly unscrew one gullet from the saddle and replace it with the new gullet. This creates the perfect shape for your horse and prevents damage to the horse’s wither and spine. There are six gullet sizes available.

Another unique feature of a Wintec saddle is the Cair Panel System. This system replaces the traditional fillings of the saddle with air, providing cushion and support. This system is exclusive to the Wintec and Bates brand.

 Just because you choose to go with a synthetic Wintec saddle does not mean that you have to give up the look of a leather saddle. The Wintec 500 features Equileather. Equileather looks like leather, but features UV resistance, sweat resistance and is one of the lowest maintenance materials you can find on a saddle. If it gets dirty, you simply wipe it off. Equisuede is a compliment to Equileather in that it looks just like traditional suede, but is actual a synthetic microfiber that is UV resistant and fade resistant. Additionally, it will not “ride down” and become slick like traditional leather suede. This is a feature that is especially appreciated by eventers who are frequently jumping in and out of water jumps.

Finally, all riders of a Wintec saddle will appreciate the adjustable Flexibloc system. This allows you to tailor your thigh and knee support to increase your comfort and performance. Simply remove the knee roll bloc and replace with a Flexibloc that suits your liking.

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